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Book a unit at a self-storage. When and how to choose?

Many of you may be considering booking a storage space for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are going to live abroad and have to leave the house, just moving, want to have extra space in the house or have a business that needs a warehouse, among so many other potential reasons.
It is important that when the decision to book a unit is made that you choose a space that meets certain conditions. Keep in mind that the objects might be stored for some time so you need certain attention.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a space that respects the following criteria:

  • Security. Since your objects will be stored for some time, it is advisable that they are in a safe place and that the company responsible for the storage takes good care of the space as a whole. Video surveillance and connection to a central will ensure that the space as a whole will be permanently safe.
  • Access. Choose a place where you have a place to unload and load your objects. It is also important that the space has a cargo lift if your unit is not in the ground floor and that objects can be moved with carts to be provided by the storage company. It is also important to take into account opening hours as you may want to have access to your items after working hours or on the weekend.
  • Location. If you want practical, fast and instant access, it is important that the location is close to your home or business. A close by location can save you a lot of time in traffic and allow you to have more immediate access to your objects.
  • Ventilation. Make sure the unit you choose has permanent air access. It is important that your objects remain ventilated at all times to ensure that you will find them in the exact condition in which you left them.
  • Unit size. It is important to choose a space that offers multiple sizes. One day you may want to take things out of your unit or put more in it and your space needs may change. A space that offers the flexibility to move could be a benefit.

We hope that these tips will help you choose the best space to store your goods!

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