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Moving. How should I store?

Not all people are born organised and we thought we could help those who have the hardest time putting things back together!

  • Think about positioning priorities
    • Place the items you want to use most often near the shower door. This will help you locate them and access them easily.
    • Make a basic drawing that indicates the location of different boxes, such as kitchen items, toys, books, clothes... Then stick it freely on the wall of the Box.
  • Stack up to the ceiling
    • Stack boxes up to the ceiling to make the best use of your storage space. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile. Store larger goods vertically.
  • Create a corridor
    • Allow a clear path through the center of your storage drive. Place the goods along the walls, but be sure to leave a few inches of space for proper air circulation.
    • Don't forget to place the box labels towards the aisle so you can read them and navigate easily;
  • Storage within storage
    • Save space on your storage unit by storing books inside your fridge
    • Or use empty garbage bins to store garden tools such as shovels and hoses;

We hope that our tips will help you make the most of the space!

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