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Moving. What is the best way to pack?

We know the time consuming, organization and complexity it can be to pack our things. We thought the best way we could help was to give some tips on how to do it:

  1. Choose the right boxes
  2. For each large box you need 4 small to medium size;
  3. Use the small boxes for heavy items like books or crockery;
  • Large boxes are especially useful for light goods such as clothes and sheets;


  1. Do not fill the boxes completely, but also do not leave them unfilled almost completely.
    1. The boxes must not weigh more than what you can handle;
    2. Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box first. In this way, everything is arranged without causing damage to any property;
  • The boxes must not be too empty. If a box is not very full, the contents you store in it may move during transport and may be damaged. Likewise, they can be pressed by the weight of others in other boxes:
  1. Use foam or bubble wrap to fill voids;


  1. Close your boxes properly
    1. Good quality packing tape is essential. Seal your boxes with duct tape to ensure they maintain their structure and protect your possessions.
    2. Be sure to close the top and bottom flaps tightly with long tape;


  1. Identify each box
    1. Use a marker to label each box. This way you will easily identify each one and avoid having to open each one when you need something.


  1. Mark the stacking direction
    1. Clearly mark the stacking direction of boxes that contain goods that must be stored in a certain way - such as glass, frames and lamps that can be easily damaged if stored incorrectly. Use arrows to mark the direction;
  2. Prepare power tools
    1. If you are storing lawn mowers or leaf blowers, don't forget to empty the fuel tank before storing it in your box.
  3. Wrap the furniture
    1. Cover and cover furniture with protective materials to keep it in good condition during the moving and storage process. Remove sofa cushions and wrap or place them in plastic bags;
  4. Minimize the size of the goods
    1. For example, you can reduce the size of bed frames to help them fit more comfortably into your storage space and thus optimize more space.
    2. Wrap the frames with tape (use the non-stick side to avoid tape residue) and place the screws in plastic bags and glue them to the frame;

We hope that these tips will help you to store your objects in the best way!

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