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Moving. What you should not forget?

Switching from one place to the other can be a high-stressing time. We thought the best way to help was to provide a To Do's list before you even started.

3 months before

  • Terminate your lease – Inform your landlord about the move if you are renting;
  • Prepare for your children's transfer to the new school, if necessary;
  • Take the opportunity to reflect on goods you want to get rid of;

2 months before

  • Take measurements: Measure your new home: see if your old furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. still fit or buy new if needed;

1 month before

  • Communicate the change of address
  • Inform the following companies about your new address: your employer, energy, gas, water and telecommunications services, banks, mail, doctors, insurance companies, deliveries etc...
    • CTT offers a mail forwarding service.
  • Unclutter
    • Go to each room in your house and decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of;
  • Buy moving boxes and packing materials or hire a specialized company
    • Buy moving boxes and packing materials such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, masking tape.
    • If necessary, we can recommend companies specialized in moving;

2 weeks before

  • License request
    • Ask your boss for the day off to make the move
  • Organize a babysitter
    • If you have children or pets, ask someone to take care of them during the move.
  • Contact the moving company
    • Re-confirm the agreement with the moving company.
  • Organize parking
    • If necessary, provide parking for the van or removal cars during the move;
  • Start sharing
    • Start disassembling larger pieces of furniture.
  • Book your box in one of our self-storages
    • Contact us and book your warehouse

1 week before

  • Prepare to move to our warehouses – If you have already booked a box, ask for your access code;
  • See our “What is the best way to pack?” and “How should I store?” tips to get the most out of your storage drive.
  • Clean your new home
    • Organize a thorough cleaning in your new home or ask friends for help;
  • Pack your bags
    • Try to finish your housekeeping a few days before the move-in date.
    • Pack enough clothes for everyone in the family to wear for a few days.
  • Book some essentials
    • Prepare a bag with water, snack, first aid kit, keys, chargers, document handling, assembly instructions, food delivery leaflets...
    • Prepare a box with some clean towels, sheets, toiletries and kitchen utensils for the first few nights.

 A few days before

  • Defrost the freezer
    • Empty and let the refrigerator reach room temperature;
  • Double-Check details
    • Confirm the moving company's arrival time.
    • Provide exact written instructions for your new home.
    • Include contact information such as your cell phone number

Moving day

  • Check that the moving truck that appears is from the company you hired.
  • Inventory – After everything is in the warehouse, check that the list of goods is all correct and keep a copy;

We hope that our Checklist will help you not to forget anything!


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