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Student life gets better with a self-storage. Why?

Control Space can improve your life, getting you more space to study and to focus on your goals. If you are living away from your home city, on or off campus, you might be needing some space in your room.

A storage space provides students a safe and secure place to leave sports equipment, books, clothes, and any other items you don’t want flatmates to see. If you want to escape from the noisy, messy, obnoxious and party animals, check out your nearest Control Space Self Storage and you’ll find a clean, well-lit sanctuary.  

With your own storage space, you make sure all your things are kept safe and you don’t have to claim back your old room at your parent’s place where you barely go. You will have your things, right around the corner with easy and digital access. Just remember, unlike the bar, Control Space never closes. So even if its 4am on a Sunday and you need to get a book for an exam, we are always open for students no matter how random your timekeeping is. 24/7, 365 days a year, whatever time you finally get up.

The memorabilia you once collected doesn’t need to be left behind. Take it with you and you will see it remains safe as if it was your own room. Bring on the collection of cans, magazines, videogames, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, posters, records, games, books, dresses, placards or anything it makes you be you and keep it safe and secure.

A part from that, with hot summer approaching, whether you need to move all your clothes and furniture out of your digs to save on the rent, or to oblige the landlord, Control Space Self Storage has the right sized unit to fit the most chaotic of student lifestyles.

Beyond studying, student life is about connecting with people, going to festivals, camping, making friends. When festival season arrives, use Control Space as your base camp and save on rent. We will keep all your pots, pans, BBQ, tents safe all year around. 

We hope at Control Space you can keep controlling your things and enjoying student life with no hassles!

Short cut. Big storage.

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